Thursday, December 10, 2015

Three Of the Best Suburbs in the Minneapolis Area

With nearly a 4 million residents, Minneapolis is considered one of the largest and busiest metropolitan areas in the United States. On the outskirts of the metropolis, however, lies a wide range of residential communities known as suburbs.
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Compared to inner-city neighborhoods, suburbs are typically much denser, peaceful, and spacious. On its list of the “50 Best Suburbs in America,” Business Insider ranks the following as three of the best suburbs in the Minneapolis area:

Arden Hills, Minnesota. Situated eight miles north of the Twin Cities, Arden Hills is one of best suburban places for workers. In 2014, Arden Hills was listed among the top employers in the area with an average median household income of $79,208.

Edina, Minnesota. Edina residents earn a median household income of $84,251. Average commute time to Minneapolis is 20.4 minutes. The suburb, which is recognized for its tight-knit community, is home to 40 award-winning public parks, which incorporate amenities such as basketball and tennis courts.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The bedroom suburb, which sits 12 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis, is one of best places to work, providing residents a median annual household income of $93,828. The place is home to many large lakes and ponds.
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For those who plan to live near the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area, these suburbs are highly recommended.

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